Pierced ears and tight schedules

I recently had my ears pierced. (Photo attached.)

Wow! This year started as soon as 2017 ended. LOL! Yes, that’s how these things usually happen 🤷🏽‍♂️ but I had very little time to rest after last year’s academic demands and beginning this year’s academic calendar.

After exams last year I worked on the 2018 SAX Appeal magazine for RAG UCT, as Creative Director. This continued after a short 3 week holiday with family. Then I was back in Cape Town to finish off the SAX. As soon as that was done I was working on VARSITY News’ and Rainbow UCT’s orientation programmes.

After that it was time to jump straight into academics! With all of that going on, my mental wellness took a downward turn. I have been trying to keep myself from sinking. The blog and other non-essential, non-university business has had to take a backseat.

Things are now looking up and I’m feeling like I am getting better. As soon as I have time and can produce a blog post / video, I will do so.

Thank you for all your love and your patience.




A Queer Christmas at Home | #ViweTafeniBlog

IMG_2785A Queer Christmas at Home.

Christmas 2017 is the first Christmas I have spent at home in a long time. Sure, I have been in South Africa for three Christmases – making this my fourth – since leaving England in October of 2014. So, I was anxious as well as excited to be coming home around this time of the year, when everyone is going to be with their family and everything is going to be festive, relaxed and just down-right beautiful. Right? Continue reading “A Queer Christmas at Home | #ViweTafeniBlog”

The Fall | a play not to be missed!

The fall poster

Firstly, it is on for 5 more days!!! Go get your ticket NOW!!!

Secondly, I went to see The Fall the evening before Youth Day. So, I was already in the realm of feels. From the warning at the beginning to the final black out, I loved every minute of the production and was so engrossed in the action on stage! There isn’t much on the stage in terms of props (three table only, in fact) but the actors utilize everything and their own bodies so perfectly it never detracts from the moving stories that they share.  Continue reading “The Fall | a play not to be missed!”

The Child Is Not Dead x Mbali Vilakazi

Image from 2016 #FeesMustFall protest courtesy of Thaphelo Masebe. | https://nxfg.wordpress.com/photography/

“The child is not dead, neither at Langa nor at Nyanga nor at Orlando nor at Sharpeville nor at the police station in Philippi where he lies with a bullet in his head.” — Ingrid Jonker

Image from 2016 #FeesMustFall protest courtesy of Thaphelo Masebe. | https://nxfg.wordpress.com/photography/

It was the worst thing to happen to you.

You curled up for what seemed like months. You went back to work a little too soon. You lost your job. You drank. Got divorced. Left the city. You lost your home. Lost your mind.

And, after:   The grown men with big guns in uniform, the men who gunned them down.
And, after:   All the things you imagined for your children, things they would never have,                       things they would never be.
And, after:   The things you wish you had done differently. Continue reading “The Child Is Not Dead x Mbali Vilakazi”

Week 3 of Student Life

In this video I talk a little about stress and academic workload, the differences I have noticed between high school and university teaching, people and my introvertedness, and my adjustment to being in a catered residence as opposed to being in a self-catering unit as I had applied for (thanks UCT – NOT!).