The Child Is Not Dead x Mbali Vilakazi

Image from 2016 #FeesMustFall protest courtesy of Thaphelo Masebe. |

“The child is not dead, neither at Langa nor at Nyanga nor at Orlando nor at Sharpeville nor at the police station in Philippi where he lies with a bullet in his head.” — Ingrid Jonker

Image from 2016 #FeesMustFall protest courtesy of Thaphelo Masebe. |

It was the worst thing to happen to you.

You curled up for what seemed like months. You went back to work a little too soon. You lost your job. You drank. Got divorced. Left the city. You lost your home. Lost your mind.

And, after:   The grown men with big guns in uniform, the men who gunned them down.
And, after:   All the things you imagined for your children, things they would never have,                       things they would never be.
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Dear child…


Dear child…

You scream and you shout;
You yell and you kick.
You throw your toys out of the cot;
You  throw yourself on the floor.

We call it a tantrum.
We say you are bad…
and ill-disciplined.
We diagnose you with ADHD.

Ours is the fault.
Mommy and Daddy are not
together as they ought.
They scream and they shout

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