A short story about loneliness.

He walked home…tired, hot and feeling rather lonely on his usual route through the shortcut between the trees which led him directly onto his road. He felt lightheaded, as if he was walking in a dream… his breath short. He could feel the sweat collecting on his upper lip and on his forehead. He strenuously raised his hand to his face and wiped the droplets with the back of his hand.

Eventually, he gets to the door and pulls out his keys and fumbles with the lock. His eyes drop to the ground and he notices a box next to the door. He wasn’t expecting a delivery. He tries to recall when last he used his credit card. It was last month when he urgently needed a new jacket for an event at work. The urgency wasn’t that he found out about the event at the last minute but rather that there would be a lot of young men attending.

Finally! He opens the door, picks up the box and walks into the kitchen. There is no writing or card on the box. Strange, he thinks to himself. He sets his bag down and takes off his jacket then walks to the cutlery drawer and pulls out a sharp knife. Inside the box he finds a plain white card; he pulls it out and opens it. It reads:

“This is for tonight! Hope you’re ready for an amazing time!”

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He forgot that he had arranged a date with some guy he was chatting to online. Why did it have to be tonight? Why did he go online when he was that horny?! He looks around. Everything is in its place; the joys of living alone. He decides to have a shower before cooking supper. He kicks off his shoes and throws them towards his bedroom door and makes a left into the bathroom. Continue reading “A short story about loneliness.”